Based on our belief that ART is for all and everybody can learn it, and is accessible to anybody who desires to learn it, we took the initiative to establish Awtar-online website where interested students have live online access to ART lessons directly (live sound& image) this means the student can see the teacher and talk to him directly wherever they are.
This project is to help all the people from all ages and all countries to learn ART especially in the places were no ART schools exist..with the minimum money charge.

Does the WEBSITE award a certificate for ART education?
The center will award each student a certified document indicating the number of studying years provided to be not less than three successive years.

Administrational requirements:
In order to register, the applicant should complete an application that is sent through e-mail to be filled clearly with needed information.

Registration fees and financial matters:
Registration fee is (only 75 $ monthly) to be settled at first three days of each month by to Damascus by financial transfers through one of transportation companies( western union). Afterwards, the student will be provided with a password which makes him able to attend lessons. In the case of not paying due fees, he will be prevented from logging in. In both cases, sender shall undertake to pay all sending expenses. A receipt with the paid amount will be given by our center and sent to the student by e-mail or through regular mail according to his request.
The first two lessons are for free
What are the ages that are accepted by the center?
Four years old and older .

Are there any limits on the ages of students?
In view of its belief in the motto of “Music For All”, our center accepts students from all ages.

Estimating student’s performance during his study:
A detailed report for each student will be presented each term of study and kept in student’s file at the administration.

What are study programs that are credited by our center?
Study programs will be according to the latest theoretical and practical methods of teaching that agree with graded learning.
How to obtain the programs of theoretical and practical study?
Study programs will be sent to the provided relevant e-mail of each student.
Who are the instructors of center?
Our instructors are specialized and certified professionals cooperation with some musicians & artists from academic and international institutes who will deliver some lectures later on under a direct supervision from Dr. Juan Karajoli.
In the case of not attending the lesson, will the lesson repeat once again to the student?
The lesson will not be repeated unless the teacher or administration make excuse for the lesson.
Is it possible to enter lesson without camera?
It is not allowed completely to enter lessons without camera.
Is the center annexed to private or public sector?
Private sector.
When student’s membership is canceled in the center?
Membership will be canceled in the case of abusing the reputation of center by any action or behavior that contradicts with the technical instructions of the center. Political activity of any type is not permissible definitely in the center whether by students or teachers.
Is the privacy in registration ensured for those who want this?
Of course yes, and in this case, applicant must include a clarification for this in his application.

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